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Meet the Rebels

The men of the Rebel Aces MC started forming in my head over a year ago. The more MC novels I read, the more I was absolutely sure that I wanted to create my own. I knew that I wanted the club to have a very tight knit, brotherly/family feel, and to be founded around the values of helping one another when no one else will.

Rebel Aces MC was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in the summer of 1973 by a group of bikers who were former brothers in arms during the Vietnam War. Five years later, they expanded to their first sister chapter, Port Townsend - which is where the first series takes place.

The club has their hands in quite a lot of businesses - both legal and not. They're seen as investors, entrepreneurs in their small, coastal town, and they see themselves as the protector of the port. No drugs, gun, or trafficking gets brought in, and they keep the place clean and safe for those that live in it.

The men of the Rebels are fiercely loyal Alpha Males, and as hard as they fight and protect, they love even harder.

Join them as we tell their tales of family, loyalty, friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, vengeance, passion and romance - book by book, story by story, and I promise, you'll fall in love right along with everyone else.

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