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Tank Morgan has realized that something is missing in his life.

No, someone.

Kim Gibson was the love of his life once. Hell, she still is. The one who got away.

She may have broken his heart as a teen, but that hasn’t stopped his love for her from growing.

He’s drawn to her like a magnet—one so powerful, he’s helpless to resist it.

And as much as she would love to deny it, Kim feels the same way.

The once fiery, wicked smart teen is now a brilliant, strong mother of two, and Tank wants things he never imagined before.

A life with her, her boys, and his club.

But things can never be that easy for this member of the Rebel Aces.

Just when things seem to fall into place, Kim’s insecurities and fears rear their ugly head – all in time for enemies that have been lurking in the shadows to threaten what they have before they can even take a breath and enjoy it.

The Rebel Fight is LIVE!