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Rebel Child: Rebel Aces MC Book 4


Jack "Kang" Foster has always been a mystery, even to his brothers.

That's the way he likes it.

Keeping people at arm’s length means keeping himself safe.

As the Rebel Ace's Road Captain, he never felt like he was truly part of their family.

Until Quinn arrived at the front door of the clubhouse and stole his heart away.

Quinn Russell shared more with Kang than she thought she ever would.

Shackles. Torture. Abandonment by the family that was supposed to love her.

She had been running for so long, and it finally caught up to her.

To the club. To Jack. To her baby.

The Rebel Aces MC may decide she’s too much of a liability.

And Kang may realize she comes with too much baggage.

What will happen when her former family makes right on their threats to do whatever it takes to get her and her son back?

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